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words(on)pages is now accepting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction submissions for the first issue of our literary magazine, (parenthetical). We offer token payment for works selected for publication, plus a print copy of the magazine, which will be designed, printed, and bound by us.

The submissions deadline for the May issue of (parenthetical) is April 23—but don’t worry, if you miss it, we’re happy to consider your work for our next issue in July. Check out for more details about what and how to submit. 

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An old man told me, “My opinion isn’t suited to this society. The internet has changed everything, and most adults don’t realise. Our 3 year olds know how to use iPhones and our teenagers haven’t seen a life without social networks. This generation was the first to be raised online and the internet has actually raised some of the finest, most unique people I’ve met.”

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